The City of LaGrange is a full-service city and provides all necessary utility services including water, sewer, electricity, natural gas, telecommunications and commercial sanitation.

Services at a Glance

Water Facilities

Water is supplied by the City of LaGrange through the raw water resources of the Chattahoochee River and West Point Lake Reservoir.

  • Water treatment plant has a capacity = 22 million gallons per day (mgd)
  • Current usage = 7 mgd, average/ 12 mgd Peak
  • 6.6 million gallons finished capacity/5 million gallons of elevated storage


As a result of strategic long range planning by Municipal Electric Association of Georgia, large quantities of electricity are consistently available from our fleet of generating plants at a low cost. Reliability is high.

  • LaGrange, with membership in MEAG Power, supplies electricity to industrial, commercial and residential users
  • Long range planning by MEAG = large quantities of electricity are consistently available from our fleet of generating plants at a low cost with high reliability
  • MEAG owns coal, nuclear, and natural gas generation assets and is a co-owner of the integrated transmission system

Wastewater Sewage Facilities

Wastewater treatment is also provided by the city, which has an excess wastewater and sewerage capacity of 4,000,000 gallons per day.

  • Wastewater treatment facility adjacent to industrial park
  • Permitted flow limit = 12.5 mgd (monthly average)
  • Current flows = 7 mgd/excess capacity ~4 mgd


The City of LaGrange provides reliable, low-cost telecommunications services to area industrial and commercial companies. Our advanced telecommunications systems exceed those of many large metropolitan areas and lead the way for smaller cities.

  • LaGrange owns and maintains its own fiber network for commercial and industrial customers
  • All internet and telecommunications services are available with ring connection to southeast hub

Natural Gas

  • Purchased from various producers and marketers; transported by El Paso Energy or Williams - distributed by LaGrange - the price of natural gas is very cost competitive
  • Firm gas volumes are purchased under corporate warranted contracts assuring constant supply
  • Customers that purchase interruptible gas volumes are rarely curtailed
  • Flexible pricing arrangements available for those wishing to 'hedge' their gas supply

For more information:

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