LaGrange is committed to sustainability

Lagrange, Georgia has been on the forefront of sustainability since 2006. The implementation of a landfill methane gas harvesting initiative began our commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility.


Groundswell serves communities with projects that provide 100% clean solar power. A 10 MW solar site to be located in the Georgia International Business Park, is in planning for LaGrange. The rst right-of-way solar project in the southeast is located at Exit 14 in LaGrange. The one megawatt solar array, a collaboration between The Ray, DOT and Electric Power Research Institute, demonstrates solar generation along highway corridors.

Recycled Tire

Tom Hall Parkway will be paved with an eco-paving mix consisting of recycled tire product combined with asphalt to increase road durability, decrease noise and reuse scrap tires. This optimal paving mix will extend use of pavement by 15-20% and reduce environmental footprint.

Methane Gas Recycling

The City of LaGrange implemented their innovative methane gas harvesting program in 2006. The methane is harvested from the community landll for use by local industry. Consumers of recycled methane include Milliken and Interface.

The Ray

The Ray is Georgia’s FIRST sustainable corridor encompassing 18 miles of I-85 through Troup County and the Georgia International Business Park. The Ray has the goal of being a zero-net highway; zero carbon, zero waste, zero impact and zero fatalities.

Single Stream Recycling

A free, curbside, single stream recycling program, was launched January 2016 with the goal of a 40% decrease in landll trash disposal.

EPA Materials Life Cycle Tool

In partnership with Georgia Tech, the EPA and the Georgia Department of Economic Development, The City of LaGrange is the rst community in Georgia to have a localized National Materials Life Cycle tool. The life cycle based tool allows us to establish priorities for environmental improvement and identify key industries for collaboraborate

The Thread

The City of LaGrange began the installation of 29 miles of greenway trails threading through Troup County. The trails provide community greenspace, eco-friendly transportation options and enhance the quality of life for our residents.